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69 avenue des hippocampes, 40150 Hossegor, France
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Privacy Policy



Hotel de la Plage may collect personal data directly from you or indirectly via third parties.

Hotel de la Plage only collects the data necessary for the purposes for which they are processed.

The different categories of data collected during your purchase are the following:

Identification data (in particular name, first name, telephone number and customer number);

Contact data (in particular postal or e-mail address);

Usage data (including web pages visited, destinations called);

Connection data (including your computer’s IP address, connection and usage logs);

Commercial data (list of products purchased from Hotel de la Plage);

Location data

Content data.


Vos données à caractère personnel sont collectées et traitées uniquement sur la base des fondements juridiques prévus par la Réglementation :

1. Dans le cadre de l’exécution d’un achat :

Gestion du compte client ;

Identification et authentification du client ;

Communications avec le client (assistance technique et commerciale) ;

Gestion des précontentieux, des contentieux et des impayés ;

Gestion des droits et des demandes d’exercice des droits des personnes ;

Fourniture et fonctionnement des services ;

Hébergement des données du client ou utilisateur ;

2. À des fins d’intérêts légitimes ou, le cas échéant, sur la base de votre consentement :

Lutte contre la fraude et prévention des impayés ;

Enrichissement et valorisation de la base clients/prospects ;

Fourniture de contenus localisés et de recommandations personnalisées basés sur l’analyse des usages ;

Développement des produits et services de Hotel de la Plage ou de tiers et prospection commerciale ;

Organisation de jeux concours ;

Réalisation d’études statistiques, d’analyses et de mesures d’audience ;

3. Pour assurer le respect de nos obligations légales et règlementaires telles que définies par la législation en vigueur.


Personal data used for commercial prospecting purposes may be kept for a maximum period of three (3) years from the end of the commercial relationship.

To which recipients?

Your personal data may be processed by the authorised personnel of the company, partners or service providers of Hotel de la Plage. The recourse to these partners or providers is necessary for the good execution of the contract concluded between you and Hotel de la Plage.

None of these recipients are located outside the European Union, which ensures that the Regulations are fully respected.


We have defined technical and organisational measures to protect your data in an appropriate manner depending on the nature of the data, the extent of the processing and its accessibility. This may include, for example, data encryption, access rights management, etc.

Respect for the security and protection of your data is mandatory for all our employees and our service providers.


You may request at any time access to your personal data, their correction, deletion (insofar as this does not prevent the proper execution of your purchase or compliance with the legal obligations of Hotel de la Plage) and the limitation of one or more specific processing of data concerning you, under the conditions provided for by the Regulations.

You also have the right to modify or withdraw, at any time, the consents you have given us for the processing of your personal data.

You also have the right to object to the processing of your personal data and the right to portability of your personal data, in accordance with the Regulations.

Your personal data may be retained or deleted after your death in accordance with the Regulations. You have the right to instruct Hotel de la Plage to communicate this data to a third party that you have previously designated.

You can access all your personal data by going to the “My personal information” section.

Updating of the data transmitted

It is important that the information you provide is accurate and up to date and that you inform us of any significant changes concerning you.


You may exercise your rights at any time by writing to Hotel e la Plage at the following address

Email :


69 avenue des hippocampes,
40150 Hossegor, France

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